Thursday, 17 July 2014

Music And Beginner Drivers – Today’s Driver Driving School Toronto

Though a couple of research has been performed to understand the impact of music on a driver’s performance which resulted in showing that music does not affect a person’s performance when there is background music. However, when it comes to beginners and young learners, Today’s Driver, one among the best MTO approved Driving Schools located in Toronto suggests, not listening to music while you are still learning.

Some of the major factors that make us think it is not safe because, when a person is learning a skill, it is always a better option to avoid any kind of distraction, which might affect the safety of the person. Since learning to drive is as crucial a job as a surgeon’s, saving a person’s life during a surgery. Of course, a surgeon would not listen to music while the operation is on. So when it comes to learning a skill so crucial that it might cost a person’s health or even life with a little distraction resulting in a fatal mistake, then it is best to avoid any kind of distraction, no matter how big or small. We at Today’s Driver Driving School in Downtown Toronto approved by MTO make sure that our student is focused on to the task of driving and is not distracted under any circumstances.

“Prevention is better that cure” is no old wives’ tale, so it is highly advisable to all new drivers and young learners to avoid music or other types of distraction and focus completely on the roads while you drive. It will not only help you drive better, focus and listen to the sounds of the vehicles around you but will also help save many lives at the same time. However, if you are a experienced driver and are good behind the wheel then you can listen to music in the background (not very loud though) and enjoy your ride, since it is believed that a long ride can seem monotonous to many.

3 Important Things To Keep In Your Car – Today’s Driver Driving School

Imagine, you are travelling a long distance and all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere your car breaks down unexpectedly, for many this is a nightmare (if they are alone especially in the night with no amenities to support them for hours until help arrives). When you hit the roads, be it for a trip or a long drive, there are a few important things you would always have in your car, so that it comes handy if, in case your car breaks down in the midst of nowhere. These things are important life savers that will help you provide comfort during the worst time and thus should be kept in the car at all times. We at Today’s Driver Driving School in North York will provide you with the list of things you should keep in your car all the time. The list of the things are mentioned below –
  • Spare Tire and a Tool kit
Tools and a spare tire are very important things, which you might just need any time. After all nobody knows when and where your car will break down and you will find an emergency need for some types of tools or a tire.
  • Cloths and blankets
Keeping cloths and blankets in your car is the best thing to have at all times, your family or you might just need it during car breakdowns or a long drive. A bad weather or a cold night is something you should be prepared about.
  • Road Flares
If your car breaks down at night say on a highway, where there is no light or in a dim lit area then there are chances of other vehicles not noticing your car and bumping into it. So road flares is something you will need at this time when, making your car noticeable to other vehicles is extremely needed.

Our driving School in North York advices you to keep these things with you in your car whenever you are out and you will find yourself safe from a variety of hazards. Also keep pillows, snack, lighter (even if you don’t smoke) and sand and salt (for snowy areas).

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Tip for Beginner’s Parents from Today’s Driver- Driving Classes Toronto

If your child has passed the driving test and has got the permit to drive, do you think he is ready enough to hit the roads alone or with friends of his/ her age? Don’t be so sure, when an individual receives a permit prior to passing the test, he/she might not yet be ready to confidently drive without making a mistake as a pro. Many are found hitting the roads as soon as they get a permit, this can be critical. It is more appropriate, that if you find your child to be not so confident yet, even after taking the test and passing it then make sure you as a parent and as an experienced driver be there by their side or at least make sure they are with someone who is a responsible driver.

There are many who join driving schools in Toronto, most of them pass the test even under the grip of anxiety that hits them to perform well. However we don’t deny the fact that, there are those newbie drivers, who are good with the wheels; they might have practiced driving even before joining a driving school and taking the test. They might already have control over their vehicles and join a driving school to understand the rules and regulations attached to driving. For the parents of these newbie, it is not necessary to be with them or supervise them much.

However, it is important for a parent to remind their child about the safety measures and rules that can save their lives every time, so that they don’t throw away their learning in the driving classes they join in Toronto and drive irresponsibly after attaining their permit. Once a person gets their driver’s permit, they often think they are invincible and are not ready to take on to the roads. But keeping an eye on them or reminding them to be safe is something a parent should not stop doing after the child gets the permit.