Thursday, 19 June 2014

Be Safe behind the Wheels with Today’s Driver a Driving School in Toronto

Today’s Driver a well known driving school situated in Toronto, cracks open the mantra to drive safe. Each one of us looks forward to the day, when we pass the driving test and get our learner’s license. With the license to drive anywhere and everywhere in the city, we find ourselves filled with euphoria. But, one little mistake when your adrenaline rush reaches its limits and you try to prove other how good you are at driving can lead you in the hospital bed or worse in the morgue. To avoid this keep the following points in mind –
  • Avoid Peer Pressure – No matter, how much your friends insist or no matter what they say or call you, for following the rules, do not give in to them. Don’t try to prove that you are a better driver by speeding up or racing. Rash driving is not good driving. If you really want to prove you are a good driver, then stick to the rules and drive sensibly.
  • Avoid/ ignore rash driving strangers – While driving, you might just come across strange a driver, who for no reason loves to race in the middle of traffic. He might prompt you to race by shouting out funny names and words. Don’t fall at that, ignore them and keep driving at your own pace.
  • Alcohol, sedatives, anaesthesia– If you are under the influence of Alcohol, anaesthesia (general), sedatives, weed or any other drug for some reason, then avoid driving. Take a public transport or ask your friends to drive you home or to your destination.
Follow the above mentioned, since most of the teenagers might just find it easy to ignore the last point if the rules just mentions ‘Don’t drink and Drive’, however, anything that hampers your perception, motor skills, or vision should be avoided if you know you have to drive.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Driving Tests Made easy at Today’s Driver Driving School Downtown Toronto

Driving a car is a skill, which has to be learned and practiced. It simply cannot happen overnight, with the swaying of a magic wand. Only when you learn and practice more often by taking your car out, is when you will really learn the skill and become a pro at it. Without practice no skill can be mastered. However, Today’s Driver is a driving school in Downtown Toronto, which can teach you to drive and prepare you to give your driving test in order to attain a driving license.

Yes, you might just turn out to be master in driving. Your skills are polished by the professionals working at Today’s Driver Driving Classes. The classes are designed to teach you the best of both theory and practical. You will be provided with numerous tips to stay calm and composed while taking the test and while you set off on the roads of the real world. The driving school also keeps you prepared by taking mock tests, in order to give you the actual taste of the driving test you are about to face.

When you join the courses offered by Today’s Driving classes, you are assured to receive the best from highly qualified instructors who are in the field for more than a decade. This ensures you learn from the very best in the industry. The school also helps in boosting up your confidence and the instructors ensure that you grab all the knowledge you can before you hit the road for real. The instructors, understands the student’s needs and goes with the pace of the student when it comes to learning.

This makes, Today’s Driver one among the best Driving schools in Toronto, that offers excellent driving classes to its students.

Today’s Driver Driving School Gives 5 Tips to Be a Good Driver

When you think about it, there are a few tips people talk about when you are learning to drive. You might come across various types of driving tips from your friends, family members, relatives and others you might have just encountered while crossing the streets. Don’t worry; you will now get some tips from professionals at Today’s Driver driving school located in Toronto.
  • Understand other drivers on the road - Understand the fact that nobody is the god or goddess of driving; expect the worst out of the drivers around you even though they seem to be a pro. This approach will help you drive in more defensive manner. It will help you be a smart and a good driver.
  • Watch out - Keep your eyes open wide while driving, look at the other driver in the front and at the back, watch their speeds and give them space, also look at the sign boards along the road and ensure that you do the right things, as per the signs. Being in the blind spots of huge vehicles is highly dangerous, so avoid that.
  • Distance out - Make it a point to provide ample amount of space to the vehicles around you and a good amount of space for your vehicle as well. Maintain the right car length distance between you and the car ahead.
  • Buckle up – Never forget to wear your seatbelt no matter how long or short your trip is. Wear your seat belt properly and make sure the passengers/ family members/ friends and specially children have worn their seat belts in the proper fashion.
  • Ignore rude drivers – No matter what the other drivers do, keep your calm. Being focused and sane while driving is the mantra to be a good driver, don’t let yourself get into a race, or a fight with other drivers, this can only be hazardous, so avoid such situations.
The above mentioned tips are also offered by most of the well-known driving schools in Toronto, when followed properly will make you a better driver than you are already.