Monday, 14 April 2014

Get Insurance Discounts from the Best Driving School in East York

There are very few things that can excite you more than driving a car around in the city. Knowing how to drive gives you the freedom to go about anywhere and at any time of the day. Enrolling yourself for a Beginner’s Driving Course at a driving school in downtown Toronto is a must before you confidently sit behind the wheels. At Today’s Driver we are the most sought after driving school in East York offering comprehensive training to our students. We make them fit to drive different types of vehicles. Our course complies with all the rules laid down by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario for different driving courses.

All our students are eligible for insurance discounts upon successful completion of their courses. Being and MTO approved school we are authorized to issue you an Insurance Discount Certificate that is redeemable at any Service Ontario. This certificate enables you to enjoy substantial discounts while paying the premium on your car. This discount isn’t a mere monetary gain but it is also an acknowledgement of your driving skills. In other words you are certified as a ‘safe driver’ by the highest concerned authority. This is definitely worth as much as the monetary benefits if not more.

Our Beginner’s Driving Course Involves
  • 20 Hours Of In-Classroom Training 
  • 10 Hours Of In-Car
  • 10 Hours Of Homework

As a professional driving school we stress on preparing you for all kinds of situations on the road. We simulate normal road conditions, emergency situations and driving in different weather conditions. Our experienced trainers adopt a methodical approach and are always there to assist you and help you develop the right kind of driving habits. Thus you gain in-depth knowledge on the art of driving which will make you confident behind the wheels.

What are you waiting for? If you want to zip around the city and its suburbs in your vehicle enroll for our Beginner’s Course today.