Friday, 24 January 2014

Take GuidanceFrom Ministry Approved Driving School Of Toronto About Parking A Car

Do you find it difficult to park your car in the parking zone? Or do you get scared while parking the car along the congested road? Well! If that is so, you need proper knowledge about the technique to park your car safely.Learn about this fact first from a Ministry Approved driving school in Toronto. The instructors working with these schools usually have a good number of years of work experience. They have mastered the skill of learning every technique of safe driving. Hence, considering their guidance and learning driving from them will obviously be beneficial for you. Since parking rules changes with location, it is highly essential to take expert guidance before you take your car on the road.

However, the most basic and the initial factor that a motorist should watch for is to obey the signs and signals of the traffic.

Still, to give you confidence to a certain level, here are few basic parking rules:-
  • Whenever you are parking your car, never park it on the travelled part of a road. You need to stop at certain junction, drive off onto the shoulder.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle on a curve or sloping land like the hill. If you are unable to see the road ahead for at least 125 meters in both the direction, avoid such zone.
  • Never park your car by blocking any other vehicle that is already parked over there. The first fact, an instructor of a driving school of Downtown Toronto will teach is not toblock a sidewalk, crosswalk or at the entrance of a road or lane.
  • Keep your car at least three meter away from a fire hydrant, 100m away from a bridge and 6m away from the entrance of a public place like a hotel, theatre or public hall.
  • Keep your car 9 meters away from the intersection or within 15 meters if the area is controlled by traffic signals and railway crossing area.
  • Never open the door without checking for other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians. It is especially required if you are in a traffic zone. For passengers, it is always good to open the right hand side door to avoid any collision.
If you wish to know some more parking rules, get in touch with a Toronto driving school.