Thursday, 29 January 2015

An Advice for the Parents from Today’s Driver Driving School

So; your son/daughter has received his/her driving permit; does that really mean that he/she is all set to hit the roads? Most of the time the answer is no; there are exceptions, where your kid must have had loads of practice from an early age and is now quite confident with his/ her driving skills; however in the majority of cases the youngster is not yet confident enough in his own skills. No matter how much they insist on proving that they are ready, but deep down they are not!! Here is what a reputed driving school in Toronto says-

If you too are a parent of a youngster, then you would know how their blood boils when it comes to adventure and getting to do new things, they especially love to get into trouble by doing things that are not meant to be done. Youngsters love to break rules, there are many who are very obedient, but at the end of the day it is best not to allow them to take the car out on the roads all by themselves.

If your kid has passed the driving test, and has received his/ her driving license; and if you want to see your child drive away responsibly then; here is what you can do.

Make sure the first few months; your youngster is driving along with an experienced driver by his/ her side. This way they learn while on the roads even better. Make sure that your child is not accompanied by his friends or with people of his/her age in the car. Peers play an important role in causing distraction; so it is best to avoid it for the first few months until he/ she has grown confident.

Today’s Driver driving school in Toronto; instructs you to always accompany your child in the car; whenever he/ she, is behind the wheel (if you are a good driver yourself).

Monday, 22 December 2014

Tips to Pass your Driving Test from a Renowned Driving School in Toronto

Have you recently bought a car or have been gifted with one? Now that you own a car, you want to be a good driver to enjoy the rides, right? And in order to take the car out on the road you need your driving license as well!! So, you must be looking for a good driving instructor or driving schools that will help you achieve your goals, which is; to hit the road without crashing into your neighbor’s window!! Don’t worry; if the answers to the above questions are yes, then you have ended up in the right place.

In order to pass the driving test successfully you will have first understand certain points and remember them, they are listed below –

Defeat your anxiety –
To pass the test you will have to first fight and defeat your anxiety, anxiety is that monster that can bring down, even the most confident and proficient driver; and we know that we all experience certain level of anxiety when we think about the word ‘Test’ or ‘exam’. It is a human nature to be anxious about the unknown and during a test we tend to be anxious about the outcome of the test which is good but only to a certain level. If you find yourself highly anxious just before the test, then take time out, relax and then come back.

Focus – although being anxious to a certain degree helps some people focus on the task they have in hand, however a high amount of anxiousness can make you nervous and you won’t be able to focus on your driving. So, try not to think about anything else before the driving test and put in all your efforts, confidence and focus on your driving skill and you are sure to come out with flying colors.

The instructors at Today’s Driving school in Toronto will guide you throughout and provide you with more tips to fight these demons and win your license at the end of the say.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Some Basic Driving Tips from Today’s Driver Driving School

Driving is an activity, wherein the driver should be careful and should obey various driving rules in order to drive safely without bumping into another vehicle, i.e. without meeting an accident. If you have recently learnt to drive from a driving school and have received your driving license then take into consideration a few more points that will help you drive safely with confidence. Today’s Driver driving classes in Toronto already mentions these tips to the students for the student’s wellbeing in general.

Some of the basic driving tips every young and amateur driver should implement while driving are listed below –
  • Speed limit – If you are new to driving, it is best to be within the speed limit, you don’t have to compete with other fellow drivers on the road, your don’t have to be at par with them. Drive at your pace and stay confident. This will not just help you avoid fatal accidents on unknown roads but will also help you avoid traffic tickets that can be quite costly. 
  • Solo Performance – If you are a young driver, then it is in your best interest to let more youngsters sit in your car while you drive, an elder, experienced driver by your side is of less harm than having youngsters drive with you. When there more than one youngster in the car, the chances of the car meeting an accident are more.
  • Is your car safe? – If you are young, make sure your car has all the latest safety equipments in it. Your safety should be your main concern, so instead of investing on accessories to accentuate the look and comfort of your car invest more on the safety equipments.
  • Switch off – Being young can bring you closer to many distractions, always clear your mind of all problems and thoughts before you sit in the driver’s seat. Switch off your cell –phone before driving, in order to keep yourself focused on the road.
Obey the above mentioned points, listed out by Today’s Driver – a highly reputed Driving School that offers the best driving classes here in Toronto.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Best Ministry Approved Driving School in Toronto

When hunting down the best Driving school in Toronto for your teenager, the best option for you is to look for a Ministry approved driving school that offers Beginner Driver Education (BDE). There are many driving schools approved by the MTO. However, there can be many among these that are not. Read our previous blog post on how to make out if the school is MTO approved or not. There are a few more ways in which you can understand your school better before enrolling for the course.

Make sure that you visit the school before enrolling your teenager, it is even better if you can sit in one of their in- class sessions and see how they function. Look for the licence approved by MTO in the classroom (since they have to display it in their classrooms). Also make sure that the school is clean and is equipped with good facilities. Once you have checked these basic points, then meet an instructor face to face and ask all your queries, this will help you clear the doubts you have. When all these are met, then enroll your teenager there.

If you are still facing troubles in finding a good driving school in Toronto, then we recommend you, to check out Today’s Driver, driving school. This driving school is Ministry approved and is located in Toronto. The school is a reputed one and is known by the students as one of the most reliable. The instructors here are highly experienced and share their expertise with the students to help them learn the course better. The environment is friendly yet professional and this is what sets it apart from the rest of the driving schools. They offer Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course that includes 20 hours of in-class and 10 hours of in- car training to the students.

So, make the decision now, and enroll in the driving school that suits your needs in the best possible way.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Most Reliable Driving School in Toronto

When it comes to searching a good driving school or any other institution for that matter, one becomes anxious. This anxiety arises from the various thoughts that linger in one’s mind regarding the type of institution it is. People often try to figure out, how reliable the driving school is and if it is accessible. The Toronto has a vast number of driving schools in its vicinity. If you too are looking for a driving school and want to find the best grade driving schools in the city, then the best option we would provide you with is Today’s Driver Driving school. This school has been voted as one of the most reliable driving schools in Toronto by its students. The school has some of the highly experienced driving instructors, who provide a great deal of lessons and tips to their students.

When it comes to learning to drive, most students benefit from the actual experiences faced by the others who are experienced drivers. This is the reason why you can get insights into the instructor’s experiences of driving in the real world. The best way to learn a skill is by learning from other’s mistakes. So, if you see someone else making a mistake while driving, it is best to take it as a learning experience. It is known that we learn from our own mistakes, but if you already know that others have made a mistake, then why waste time and energy repeating the same mistake yourself and then learning from it. Instead it is much easier to keep other’s mistakes in mind and do well in the same aspect whenever a similar situation is faced by you.

Join a good driving school and unleash the driver in you. Once you have gained your confidence, you are sure to go places and these driving schools are not just about teaching you the skill to drive, but also helps you develop you as a reliable and a responsible driver in a holistic approach.

Tips for Beginners Joining Today’s Driver Driving School in Toronto

To learn a skill, you have to concentrate and keep a few points in mind, which will in turn help you to be a good student. When you first make the decision, of learning to drive in a driving school, then the best thing you can do in order to learn it is by following the below mentioned tips –
  • Attention – when you are in the classroom, learning theories, make sure you pay all your attention in the class, learning to drive does not mean that all you have to learn is to drive the car, there are various rules and regulations along with the mechanisms of your vehicle, which one should be thorough with. Learning it all will help you in the future for sure.
  • Patience – Nobody can force themselves to learn something in a short period of time, obviously there are exceptions in this world. However, you should not panic if someone in your class learns the skill before you can. Remember that everybody takes their own sweet little time to learn.
  • Learn from others mistakes – When you are learning to back your car, it is best to learn from others mistake. When your partner is backing the vehicle, stay out and see what are the mistakes made, and then learn from those mistakes.
  • Homework – Make sure that you have done your homework; you are ought to learn by following the instructions and obeying your instructors at the driving school. Since, a driving school is also a school; you are expected to turn out with your homework done.
  • Remember – The world outside is not the same as the school, in a controlled environment even if you make mistakes, you get assistance and are looked after, however the world outside is a place where things can get difficult, stay prepared for it always.
With these points in mind you are sure to excel, be a responsible driver; ‘Today’s Driver Driving School located in Toronto believes that ‘it is not all about speed, it is about responsibility’.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Get Started; Learn to Drive At Today’s Driver Driving School

Taking the first step to do something new is the most difficult one. Driving is no exception, when it comes to driving, most of us want to learn it as soon as possible by for a few others, though they love the idea of learning to drive their car, but they panic just before starting up. There are many types of fears that can grab you when you are making up your mind to learn how to drive, some of you can be afraid thinking ‘what if I lose control in the middle of the road?’ some of you think ‘what if I meet an accident?’ there are such question that comes in people’s mind when they try to do something new. But this fear should not come in the way of you and your dream to live life to the fullest.

When these types of questions makes your mind go berserk, simply put them all away thinking about the feeling that you will be able to feel after you have mastered the skill. The sense of freedom, which comes to one who knows to drive, is a completely different feel, which cannot be put into words.

So, if you are ready to learn driving and have been pushing the thought away all this while, then don’t do that anymore, simply take the first step and enroll yourself in one of the best driving school in your area. If you are located in Toronto, then, the best option for you is to join Today’s Driver Driving School located in North York. This school is highly acknowledged for its state of the art infrastructure and it’s amazingly designed driving lessons taught by the instructors who help their students to grasp the information at once, by understanding their problems and providing them with a solution that works.